Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There are many advantages to using potty training pants when the time comes for your kid to stop using diapers. The most important of them all is the fact that potty training can be done easier with the pants. Although there are parents today who choose the pull up training pants made by the same manufactures that produce disposable diapers, they usually get frustrated, as it seems to take longer for the child to get over potty training. The reason is that disposable training pants are very absorbent, which prevent the child from feeling the wetness. The fact is that children learn to ignore going to the bathroom because they are comfortable even when they wet their pants, and they can wait for the convenient time to tell their parents that their pants are wet.

The potty training pants on the other hand are usually made of cotton material, which encourages children to learn using the bathroom quickly. This is because although the training pants are as absorbent and as thick as cloth diapers, the child wearing them would still feel the obvious feeling of wetness, which tells him or her quickly that he or she had a little accident. This quick notice encourages children to go to the bathroom instead of having another incident that need to be dealt with right away.

Once you begin potty training your child, it is important to ged rid of diapers as well as pull-ups. Remember that pull ups are different from potty training pants since they are more like diapers. Children would not feel anything if they wet or soil themselves and would not help with potty training at all.

If you have a boy who you are training, you need potty training pants for boys, as these will allow your child to feel the uneasiness and to identify the feelings that his body is giving him when there is a need to go to the bathroom. He will start to connect a full bladder to peeing and wetness, which will motivate him to use the bathroom instead of being uncomfortable if he wets his training pants for toddlers.

If you are going to potty train a girl, then definitely you will need to have potty training pants for girls. Girls are usually a bit more advances than boys when talking about potty training girls but you still need to be consistent and persistent in order to teach your girl to use the bathroom. Make sure that you let your girl see how women use the bathroom, and let her do the same. Watching how her daddy or her brothers do it may confuse her so she must be made to understand to sit when it is time to pee or poo, no matter how daddy and brothers do it.

Your child whether a boy or girl would still have to wear potty training pants at night when they go to sleep and it will present a problem if they wet their beddings. To make potty training pants waterproof, you can make use of a pull up pants that is designed to go over training pants. There are also combination potty training pants that cloth inside and a waterproof cover outside to keep your beddings protected from wetness.

When potty training girls, parents are faced with a very tricky situation and the question that is asked the most is, when to start potty training girls? Once this question is asked, it is now time for you to look up for tips on potty training girls to make you and your child's transition a lot easier.

While it is believed that potty training girls is much easier than potty training boys, there are still some things that you will need to know. Lucky for you, there are some tips on easy potty training girls that will get your precious little darling wearing big kids underwear in no time. The reason why it is said that it is easier to do potty training girls than boys is because, with boys they have to learn how to use the toilet in two steps, one standing up and the other sitting down; however, with girls all you need to do is teach them to sit on the toilet seat and this process takes lesser time.

Although it is easier when you are potty train girls, it is still a very time consuming task and you should look out for signs that your little girl is ready to be potty trained before you try to potty train her. This is because if she is not yet ready, you will just be wasting your time and hers. When you are potty training girls, keep in mind that children live what they learn; therefore, as the parent you will need to take the lead and show your child what they are expected to do.

To do this, you can sit on the toilet and show them how it is done. Show them how to use other things in the bathroom, such as how to wipe and wash their hands. Once they see what you are doing, they will be inclined to try it. It is also better if you allow your child to come in the bathroom when you are actually using it. This is a good way for potty training pants girls because it will teach her faster and she will want to do whatever you do.

The ideal step to potty train girls is to know when the time is right, to look out for signs, and see if she is also imitating what she sees you doing. Based on studies that have been carried out, potty training girls should normally begin anywhere between 18-20 months; however, look for the signs because every little girl is different and will be potty trained at their own pace.