Saturday, November 19, 2011


Cotton pajamas  have been worn for many years by many people.  They are found in most every store you go into that sells sleepwear. There are several reasons why this is true.                

  • Cotton is a very inexpensive item that a lot of clothing is made from, including pajamas. This material is very versatile and comfortable for year round wearing. Therefore, it is a common material that people buy when they purchase clothing. Most everyone has at least one item in their wardrobe that consists of some percentage of cotton if not one hundred percent.
  • These pajamas are lightweight, soft, warm and they let your skin breath. Therefore, it is the perfect material for sleeping. Not only does cotton feel good to the children's and their parent's skin, but it also is a very stylish material that can be worn for other parts of your day besides sleeping.
  • The typical pair of pajamas has a pair of pants and shirt. 
  • Contemporary pajamas are the more stylish looking sleepwear. They possibly come in one piece and are usually made for children.